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Free Pre-Recorded Classes

Need a short breathing practice or meditation?  You're not alone. 
Please enjoy the free classes below.

Online Class Schedule

45 min. Beyond Basics with Bridget

From Rolling Brook Yoga Instructor, Bridget Hackley, this class focuses on releasing tension in the upper back.  Some experience with yoga is helpful but not necessary.

Guided Shavasana 

A guided savasana for after any practice or as a relaxation practice of its own.  No yoga experience is necessary.

12 minutes of yoga for you & your kiddo!  

This class by Ms. Jasmine was designed for children ages 2 and older.  

Guided Breath with Angie

A pranayama exercise that uses lengthened exhalations to calm anxiety. 

All levels practice for Stress Relief with Jasmine

40 Minutes of breath and movement.

Part 2 of 2

Strength & Tone with Lynne

This is a 40 minute Yoga for Strength class.  Unlike our in-studio classes, I decided to pick up some light weights.  Soup cans work too! 

Part 2 of 2

Strength & Tone cont'd

Finish your class with some stretching and a short savasana. 

How to breathe with Bridget

This is a 6 minute breath practice with a brief explanation of how to breathe correctly, or diaphragmatic breathing.  Jump to 4 minutes for the practice.

Meditation Demystified

Meditation and nadi shodana (alternate nostril breathing) tutorials followed by short meditation practice.  Jump to 4 min. to skip the explanation. 

Yoga for Kids with Jasmine

Ocean Yoga with Ms. Jasmine & Ama! This 14 minute practice is an energetic sequence for kids ages 5-10 (though younger yogis can do it, too!). 

Yoga for Kids with Jasmine

Camping Yoga with Ms. Jasmine & Ama for ages 5-10 (though younger yogi's can practice, too!).  We'll go into the "woods" for a roaring good time with yoga games, songs, and stories.

A RAIN meditation with Cara

This is a meditation practice for when you feel overwhelmed.  

Mindfulness Meditation

Mo leads a short gentle yoga sequence followed by a 15 minute quiet meditation and then a 25 minute guided meditation.  Enjoy. 60 minutes

Yoga with Weights

Get toned with Vicki B!  Don't have weights?  No problem.  Grab two soup cans and get on your mat!

Audio Only 

Guided meditation with Lindy Burns