Summer Reading Book Club with Nancy Fallon

Tara Brach’s Radical Acceptance

Join Nancy Fallon, RYT-500, for a deep dive into self-reflection, self-love, and self-acceptance as we journey together through the pages of meditation master Tara Brach’s Radical Acceptance.  Expect journal prompts, topics for discussion, self-discovery, meditation, breath work, and maybe even tears as we unbury our true hearts and begin to understand how the practice of non-attachment and true acceptance can lead us to radical change in all of the best ways within our hearts and our lives. 

Whether you are feeling called to examine your own heart (depression, anxiety, grief, life change, feeling stuck in dissatisfaction or boredom with life) or simply want to learn how to deepen your understanding of the meditation tradition and where it can lead us internally, this will be a beautiful way to explore growth this summer.  Participants will be responsible for purchasing or borrowing their own copy of Radical Acceptance, but will be provided with handouts and a wealth of knowledge on these precious, life altering practices!

This is virtual only and recordings can be provided when requested.

6:30-7:30 PM Fridays:
June 14, 21, 28;
July 12, 19, 26;
August 16, 23.

“...because our habits of feeling insufficient are so strong, awakening from the trance involves not only inner resolve but also an active training of the heart and mind.”

Tai Chi & Qigong
with Kathy Reid

Qigong is a centuries old practice that incorporates breath, movement, and meditation for the purposes of health, vitality, and calmness of mind. Tai Chi is also an ancient practice. It also uses movement and breath to harmonize the mind and strengthen the body. Tai Chi uses a series of flowing movements that work the entire body. Qigong taps into the concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine to tonify and clear energy pathways. Both are often practiced at slow and even speeds, making them perfect for those looking for a practice that does not necessitate getting up and down from the floor.

2 select Sundays every month from 11:15 AM-12:15 PM

Drop-ins are welcome