Yoga & Myofascial Release for Lower Back Pain

 Piriformis syndrome, sciatica, tight hips, degenerative conditions, and other spine/ hip related skeletal or soft tissue issues will benefit!

Do you suffer from lower back or hip pain?

Occasional or chronic, hip mobility has a large effect on the lumbar spine & surrounding tissue. Learn simple self-release techniques as well as stretches you can use at home to maintain healthy glide and function in some of the body's largest muscles. Additionally, we will touch on strength movements to keep the hips stable and supported so that tender areas can take a load off and heal. Finally, we'll work through some modifications to common yoga poses that might help you continue to enjoy your regular classes!

Nancy is a licensed chiropractic assistant and rehab coach, and well accustomed to working with people in pain.

Please note however, that this workshop is not meant to replace medical care, but is for those looking for additional PT in order to support their issues through movement.

Tai Chi & Qigong
with Kathy Reid

Qigong is a centuries old practice that incorporates breath, movement, and meditation for the purposes of health, vitality, and calmness of mind. Tai Chi is also an ancient practice. It also uses movement and breath to harmonize the mind and strengthen the body. Tai Chi uses a series of flowing movements that work the entire body. Qigong taps into the concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine to tonify and clear energy pathways. Both are often practiced at slow and even speeds, making them perfect for those looking for a practice that does not necessitate getting up and down from the floor.

2 select Sundays every month from 11:15 AM-12:15 PM

Drop-ins are welcome