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Bon Fire Yoga - Every Thursday in November

Join us for outdoor yoga by the Bon Fire every Thursday in October from 6:00-7:00 PM

Classes are designed to be beginner friendly with options to make things easier or more challenging depending on you!   No yoga experience is necessary.   Please bring a mat if you own one and a beach towel or blanket.   If you would like us to bring a mat for your use, please send an email to [email protected]   We're happy to oblige.   

Detailed instructions will be sent to all registered students.

Please plan to bring cash to support our local farmers through the purchase of fresh produce and/or flowers!   Each farm is located in Howard County, within 20 to 30 minutes of Catonsville.  

To register for class, please visit our schedule page and find the date you'd like to attend. 

Join Us!

Qigong with Kathy Reid

Qigong is a centuries old practice that incorporates breath, movement, and meditation for the purposes of health, vitality, and calmness of mind. Tai Chi is also an ancient practice. It also uses movement and breath to harmonize the mind and strengthen the body. Tai Chi uses a series of flowing movements that work the entire body. Qigong taps into the concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine to tonify and clear energy pathways. Both are often practiced at slow and even speeds, making them perfect for those looking for a practice that does not necessitate getting up and down from the floor.

November 14th & 21st
December 5th & 12th

Attend one or all four classes