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Essential Oils 101 with Colette Polignone, Ph.D

(Including Libido and Hormonal Support Oils)

Pure Essential Oils are powerful tools from nature that have many therapeutic and beneficial uses to maintain wellness. Join us for a hands-on presentation to learn:

-What are essential oils?

-Benefits of essential oils

-Proper application and use of essential oils

There will be ample opportunity to try many different oils during the workshop.

Saturday April 29, 2017. 4:00-5:30 p.m.

$20.00/person (by April 26th); $25/person (after April 26th)


Yin Yoga with Heather        

The fourth Friday of every month, Heather Jefferson brings Yin Yoga to Rolling Brook.  Yin is a fantastic treat for mind, body and soul.  During a Yin practice, students are guided into long-held, supported poses that focus on stillness, coolness, and yielding. Yin poses offer passive stretching of our deeper connective tissues. Poses are designed to mobilize and strengthen our joints, ligaments and fascial networks for a long-lasting release of tension and tightness. This workshop is truly a nourishing experience.

Friday, April 28th  6:00-8:00 pm  $25.00


Yoga & Paint Workshop, Maria Staub & Lynne Olsen, RYT-200

Create your own piece of original artwork during a yoga practice.  Staub Art Studio and Rolling Brook Yoga are joining forces to create this one of a kind opportunity. Under the direction of Maria Staub Goebel, students will be taught an introduction to color and given instruction in “wet in wet” paint application on canvas. Lynne Olsen will lead a guided meditation followed by an asana practice. As the practice unfolds, students will be inspired to create their own original piece of of art. There is no right or wrong in the process, just beauty and movement. Students will work with water based paints on a 16″x20″ canvas panel. All equipment & instruction provided.

Sunday, May 7 3:30-5:30; $50.00


Restorative Yoga with Vicki Bannister, E-RYT 200   

End your work week with a nourishing practice of Restorative Yoga. Vicki will guide you through a series of restorative yoga poses to help the body open slowly and gently while being fully supported by bolsters and blankets.  This practice will relax the body, restore your energy and renew your spirit!   Friday, May 19th from 6:30-7:45.  No yoga experience necessary.

Friday, May 19th 6:30-7:45; $25.00


Yoga for Resilience with Kim Flyr, RYT-200

Taking yoga off the mat….how to be more resilient in life. So often, yoga teaches us a way to calm ourselves and feel better. Yet, how many of us struggle to carry that same feeling off the mat and into our lives? Join us for a workshop where we will learn together about practices and beliefs that lead to greater resilience. Come prepared to move some, talk some, and leave with some practical ideas for taking your yoga more deeply into your life. Kim Flyr, LCPC, RYT 200 is a yoga teacher and mental health counselor in private practice. Her passion is helping herself and others be more resilient in the face of life’s many challenges, using mindfulness and other research based approaches. Kim is currently earning her RYT500 level as a yoga teacher. When not working, she can be found writing, running really slowly, or spending time with friends and family.

Saturday, May 20th; 3:30-5:00; $30.00