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Beginner Classes

Yoga Basics

Learn basic standing, seated and supine poses with attention to precision of movement and body alignment. Explore yogic breathing and linking breath with movement. Build strength and flexibility in the entire body through repeating a series of basic yoga poses each week. Poses are added to the series as the session progresses. Under guidance of the teacher, modify poses to increase flexibility. Hold poses longer to build strength as the session progresses.

Beyond Basics

Refine poses learned in ‘Yoga Basics.’ Learn standing, seated and supine poses that develop balance, increase flexibility in the hips and hamstrings, and poses that build strength in the upper body and core. Hold poses longer and build sun salutations to build stamina and deepen breath awareness.

Flow & Restore

One part dynamic vinyasa flow and one part relax and restore, this class combines the best of both worlds.  A flowing sequence linking breath with movement will build strength and flexibility.  The flow is followed by restorative poses that will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated.  Explore yogic breathing, attention to postural alignment, and plenty of modifications to make this class accessible to all.


Increase your flexibility while moving through a series of movements specifically designed to build strength in the core muscles of your abdominals, low back, and gluteals. This class emphasizes precision of breath and body movement with special attention to postural alignment, stability, and strength. No previous experience with yoga or Pilates is necessary.  With the guidance of the teacher, students modify their moves to challenge themselves at their own level.

Intermediate Classes

Intermediate Yoga

A dynamic class that focuses on building strength, increasing flexibility, and preparing the body for a deeper practice. Increase flexibility in the hips, back, and hamstrings while strengthening the abdomen, back, and upper body through standing poses, balancing poses, forward bends, back bends, revolved poses, and hip-openers. Focuses on precision of movement to maximize the benefits of poses. Modify poses as flexibility increases and hold poses longer to build strength as the session progresses. Arm balances and inversions (headstand, shoulder stand, and handstand) are introduced with step-by-step instruction. Explore breathing techniques.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Build strength and stamina by flowing from pose to pose in this moderately-paced class. Emphasis is on sun salutations, maintaining steady yogic breathing, standing poses, seated poses, and twists. In this fun, flowing class poses are linked together in sequences that focusing on pairing breathing with movement to stretch the body while releasing tension and clearing the mind. Poses may be held between flow sequences to build strength.


Advanced Classes

Advanced Yoga

The focus of this challenging class is twofold: 1. Maintaining mental focus/ujjayi breathing and 2. Exploring alignment in advanced poses. Emphasizes increasing flexibility in the hips and hamstrings as well as building strength in the upper body and core to deepen advanced yoga poses. Includes advanced arm balances, backbends, ‘bound’ poses, revolved poses, forward bends, and hip openers. Students must be able to do inversions with confidence (free-standing or against a wall). Pranayama (breathing techniques) exploration deepens.

Specialty Classes

Therapeutic/Gentle Yoga (All levels welcome)

In this slow-paced class standing, supine and seated poses are done with the support of blankets, blocks, chairs, and other props. Emphasizes strengthening and improving flexibility, developing body awareness, and learning to move with proper alignment and support of props. This class may be appropriate for seniors, anyone recovering from minor injuries, and for those with chronic physical conditions. Beginners welcome!

Yoga for Strength (All levels welcome, some yoga experience required)

This class combines traditional yoga poses & breathing techniques with functional movements designed to build strength in your whole body.   Emphasis is placed on training your muscles to work together to prepare them for daily tasks, sports, or work. Each class is designed to build strength in areas that lead to improved stability, balance, and focus. Students are offered a variety of modifications in order to challenge themselves, at their level, with the guidance of the teacher.

Pilates Fusion (All levels welcome)

Increase your flexibility while moving through a series of movements specifically designed to build strength in the core muscles of your abdominals, low back and gluteals. This class emphasizes precision of breath and body movement with special attention to postural alignment, stability and strength.  No previous experience with yoga or Pilates is necessary.

Meditation and Mindfulness – Now Ongoing and Included in our Monthly Memberships!

The classes expands upon the practice of mindfulness meditation and gives an overview of helpful means for working with thoughts, opening to difficult emotions, cultivating wisdom and deepening compassion towards yourself and others. Instruction is given in a secular, non-religious manner and are suitable for all levels of experience. Each class begins with a guided meditation, then instruction, opportunities for practice (sitting, walking or body scan) and closes with a discussion/question & answer period.

Functionally Fit!

This 30 minute functional fitness class is designed to help you on your path to a healthier & stronger, you!  The class uses a combination of weighted medicine balls and your own body weight to help you gain strength, agility, balance, cardiovascular fitness and muscle tone.  As with all of our classes, there will be attention to alignment and proper form.  No yoga experience necessary.  This class is done barefoot.

Yoga for Addiction Recovery (No yoga experience necessary)

This class provides a  powerful framework for integrating the wisdom of yoga and the practical tools of the 12-step programs. Open to anyone dealing with addictive thoughts or behaviors in their lives or those affected by the addictive behavior of a loved one. Class starts with a reading from appropriate literature, sharing our experiences (voluntarily) and then  taking it to the mat for a guided yoga practice and meditation.


Yoga for Children (ages 5-9)  Now an eight week session (through February 25th, 2018) or drop-in anytime 

Intended for children, ages 5 to 9, this class will help boost your child’s creativity, concentration and confidence while also increasing strength, flexibility and coordination in a fun and playful environment! This class will include warm-ups, breathing exercises, balancing poses as well as games & play under the guidance of a certified Children’s Yoga Instructor.  Certified yoga instructor, Catherine Noppenberger will lead this class.

Parent & Me Yoga (ages 1-4) eight weeks (through February 25, 2018) or drop-in anytime

This class is developmentally appropriate for children ages 1 to 4. Parents or caregivers bond with their children through modeling of playful yoga poses using props, songs, and games. Siblings are welcome, room permitting.