Our Philosophy







‘Self-Paced’ Personal-Growth

At Rolling Brook Yoga we are committed to inspire, facilitate, and nurture your yoga practice. Co-founders Vicki Bannister, E-RYT 200 and Alecia Flynn, E-RYT 200 have created a yoga curriculum that gives students the freedom to learn at their own pace through repetition, exploration, and personal growth.

Ability Levels

We offer more ability levels than most yoga studios. This allows students to gradually build a sound foundation before moving on to the next level. For each ability level, teachers present specific poses, breathing techniques, and concepts that build over a ‘session’ of 13 weeks. Throughout the ‘session’, teachers encourage repetition and deep exploration of poses to help students build physical strength and increase flexibility.

Weekly or Unlimited Classes

Students are welcome to commit to a weekly class or to attend an unlimited amount of classes. Either way, students find that through repetition, dedication, and practice and with helpful feedback from our teachers, they experience the most that yoga has to offer.